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I’ve been living abroad for 15 years.

For many of us, home is mostly wherever work or leisure takes us. But can we truly be happy abroad if we are cut off from our native culture and language? Live TV remains the prime medium to spread culture and keep us connected and integrated with society.

The TV-ing abroad conundrum.

Local cable and ISPs.

Local cable providers offer local TV and little more.

TV via internet.

Pirates or hackers illegally run many of those services.

Satellite dish.

Old-school, expensive technology which can be tricky to install and is immobile.

Local cable and ISPs.

Local cable providers offer local TV and little more.

TV via internet.

Pirates or hackers illegally run many of those services.

Satellite dish.

Old-school, expensive technology which can be tricky to install and is immobile.

TV-rights are causing issues.

The future of TV is here; accessible 24/7, via any number of devices. But many public broadcasters feel threatened by free-to-air TV and are doing their best to make this process more complicated. A policy that’s not only counter-productive but also goes against the spirit of the law. Expats’ and travellers’ needs are being neglected.

Public channels are made available to you as FTA, short for Free-to-air. But unfortunately, free does not mean free. There is FTA via cable, over-the-air (radio waves) and over-the-satellite provided by public broadcasters, typically funded with taxpayer money, government funding and advertising so that you can watch it free. After all, we just want our TV.

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What if TV-ing abroad was like watching TV back home?

After 15 years, I had had enough. I stopped accepting that the industry could continue ignoring the 250 million-strong expat community. Live streaming is declining, losing market share to the Amazon Primes and Netflixes of this world, so why do broadcasters not embrace cooperations with partners that can help them and us?

  • What if you could watch your native TV channels at any time, wherever you were located?
  • What if that TV experience abroad was exactly the same as watching it back home?
  • What if we would all unite and put our cause on the map?
  • What if we collectively decide to get rid of pirates?

What if?

  • Free-to-air TV channels were freely available always and on anything, without complications?
  • You no longer have to worry about pirates and hackers?
  • We would support the channels to remain competitive in this rapidly changing world?


You could get unlimited access to public channels from your device(s).


You would not have to worry whether an app is legal or that pirates could steal your data.

Laws and copyright.

Free To Air broadcasting would flourish, so it could remain free to receive, as it was intended.

What the Free To Air Collective does…

  • We fight for your right to access public TV wherever you are.
  • We communicate to the industry stakeholders, the broadcasters and rights holders.
  • We check and report on pirates and keep a finger on the pulse.

Let’s join forces

It’s free. All we ask for is one minute of your time to join us. Because united, we are strong.

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Common Questions

What does the Free-to-Air Collective do?

Free-to-Air Collective is an organization created to protect the interests of TV viewers and advocate for our rights to access communication channels independent of governmental or commercial control. The FTA Collective is monitoring legislation procedures and implementation of laws and regulations related to production, distribution, management and broadcast of audio-visual content.

How do you do it?
  • Monitor piracy:
    It is no secret that piracy is one of the biggest challenges for the broadcasting and entertainment industry, which could put as many as 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk by 2022. That is why we are creating a comprehensive database of illegal and partly illegal services, apps, and websites that are forwarded to relevant supervisory and law enforcing agencies.
  • Policy briefs:
    We are monitoring all policies and regulations relating to electronic media, with emphasis on public access and accountability. In doing so, we advocate for policies which protect the public sphere and consumers from market economics.
  • Surveys:
    We believe the best way to know what people think is to ask them. That is why we survey our subscribers on relevant issues to articulate the opinions of individuals into one voice.
  • Raising awareness:
    By increasing awareness and providing information on current issues, we increase the responsiveness of voters to alternative policies. In the long run, it improves the ability of the citizens to participate in democratic decisions competently.
What do you stand for?

We stand for the freedom to information and cultural diversity, protection of both viewer’s and right-holders’ rights, and cultural production independent of corporate interests and limitations. It is as simple as that.

Why should I care?

All people have the right to language and cultural diversity. This includes respect for people’s pursuit of cultural development, and to express themselves and have access to information in their own language beyond one’s home country. It means we are fighting for your right to access public television channels from your home country wherever you are in the world.

That's awesome, what can I do?

You can join the fight for our cause by:

  1. Sign up to show support for the Free-To-Air.
  2. Reporting websites, streaming services, and apps you believe are infringing intellectual property rights of the rightful owners on our website.
  3. Recommend us to a friend or sharing our page on social media.

The Free-To-Air Collective Manifesto

Greetings, fellow viewers!

Welcome to the Free-To-Air Collective – a new organization created to protect your right to access public TV for free via phone, laptop, tablet, or orbiting space station! Wherever you are in the world – or the wider universe – you have a right to access broadcasts from your home nation’s public channels broadcasted as an FTA satellite.

Public broadcasters are trying to cope with a decline in viewers, people watching live TV and those accessing TV via apps provided by pirates. This needs to stop if we wish to preserve our highly-valued TV.

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